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Melanotan Nasal Spray
R 590.00

• Remove the white cap on the nozzle
• The spray must be primed before use. Hold the bottle upright and pump 1 – 3 times until it forms a uniform mist. The nasal spray is now ready for use.
• The bottle must be held upright while in use, just as your conventional nasal spray.
• Inert the nasal spray into your nostril, about 1cm is sufficient.
• Pump the spray while you inhale simultaneously through the nose, so that the mist distributes evenly. With every pump you must push it completely down to get the correct dosage.
• After use clean the nozzle with a clean cloth and re-attach the blue safety device .

Loading Dosage:
• Day 1: Two pumps (one in each nostril)
• Day 2: Four pumps (2 pumps – one in each nostril in the morning and one in each nostril in the evening)
• Day 3 onwards: Six pumps (2 pumps in each nostril in the morning, 2 pumps in each nostril at lunch time and 2 pumps in each nostril in the evening)
• After day 3 keep to this dosage for 20 days or until your desired tanning intensity has been reached.
• You will know when your system us fully loaded when you see disproportionate coloration around your chin and mouth. If you become aware of such signs stop loading and begin the maintenance cycle.
• Your body will slowly adapt to the levels of MT2 in your system and an even tan will prevail.
• Your best and most even tan will occur between 3 to 4 weeks.

Maintenance Dosage:
To maintain your tan, use 6 – 8 pumps two to three times a week, depending on the tanning intensity you require. Alternatively take 2 sprays (one in each nostril) every morning. Try to avoid sneezing or blowing your nose directly after you spray.