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Be an influencer...


"An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. An individual who has a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with"

How Does it work?

You will be supplied with a message or a Influencer ID that you provide to the clients you influence. Clients will then contact NuAge Directly or alternatively you supply NuAge Body with the contact details of the person who would like to Purchase a product. NuAge Body will have one of their Agents handle the sale on your behalf. And you will be paid a R50 fee for each succesfull Sale. Payments can be made daily, weekly, or monthly by EFT. (From an Capitec Account). 


The Difference between an Agent and an Influencer?

  1. An Agent has a minimum Order Qty of 5 products at a time, and a Minimum Monthly Target of 15 Products. Not qualifying for your target will result in paying customer prices.
  2. An Agent will be supplied with personal marketing Material with their personal telephone number & Details on, where an Influencer will use the Marketing Material that we use on our Social media Platforms.
  3. An Agent will keep its Clients and make sure that they follow up atleast once every second week to ensure the client is happy with the product they purchased, where an influencer will have no commitment with the client regarding the products purchased after the sale. 
  4. An Agent has to sign an agreement & have to follow the rules set on the agreement, the influencer will not sign any agreements except the confirmation form of their banking details.
  5. An Agent has to deliver the package to the client personally or arange with the client to collect the parcell, but an influencer would not have any responsibility towards the delivery or collection of the package or products.
  6. The Commission of the Agent is set on a spesific product they sell, But the commission of the Influencer will remain R50 for each new sale. 
  7. Should there be specials / Socials / Fund Raisers or any fuctions arranged by NuAge Body & Skin, The Agent has to participate, where the Influencer can decide wheather he/She wants to be a part thereof. 


How do one become an Influencer?

Kindly Complete the form below and one of our representatives at NuAge Body & Skin will come back to you.