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Should you wish to join our team, please complete the following form, and we will contact you shortly. In our team there is no favouritism, unfairness, and disrespect. in our team we treat everyone as partners on the same level. We encourage our agents to achieve the best they can. And we help each other to reach the top. For some it’s just an additional income, and for others, it’s their only income. Join our team today. It won’t be easy to start, but it will sure be worth it!


Please take note:

As an agent you will need to buy your stock you wish to sell. with a min of 5 products in qty (per order), your minimum required amount is atleast R2500.00. Under no circumstances will stock be given to any agent on a consignment basis.


It takes money to make money...

Click on the video below to get an idea on how it works. Training and all advertising material will be supplied.