About us


NuAge Body has a range of weight Loss products grouped together to help all type of clients. From Herbal to Non-Herbal products to fit the client’s needs and pocket. We have a range of Tea's, slimming Coffee's, Tablets, Capsules, gels & Injections. Some of the products can only be sold on consultations, and other can be send via courier. NuAge Body & Skin makes an effort in getting involved with New products daily, making sure that the success rate of the products is almost 100%. All our agents have used the products, and they can give you their personal experience with the products for ease of mind. 


NuAge Body & Skin only sells original products, and no fakes will be sold to anyone. NuAge is built on the success of clients and not build for profit or sales. We believe in assisting clients and to make sure that the clients lose their weight on a healthy way, and to keep it off. We want our clients to gain their self-confidence and to keep it there. Life is too short to unhealthy and overweight. 



NuAge Body & Skin has a range of products for a healthy better you. We have partnered with NuSkin and Ozone to assist us with giving you, the best of you. From body butter to cream to vitamins we have a whole range of 180 products we're we can help with everything. 



What’s more beautiful than a radiant younger looking fresh feeling skin? At NuAge Body & Skin we specialize in a range of Anti-Aging skin products which is all dermatologist tested. and all have a money back guarantee. We do skin assessments and recommend the best product which we think will help with problematic areas. 


Face Care

Our Core system and facial treatment products designed to meet the individual needs of your skin and deliver unsurpassed anti-aging benefits and results you can see and feel.


Hair Care

We have a range of Hair Treatments and Hair care products to help the end user with Ultimate Hair grow, to correct and prevent damage from mechanical, environmental, and biological aggressors after as little as one week of regular use. Our range include shampoo, conditioners and treatments for both short term and long-term use.



Blended with the best skin care science, the complete colour line enhances and illuminates your natural beauty. Our Cosmetic range includes products for every part of your face. Your foundation, Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, Powders and Accessories.